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Extension and Reinforcement Activities

Use this page to plan any additional activities that you may want students to do as part of this learning session in order to accommodate students of differing abilities. Additional activities might be:

  • Extension activities for more able students who complete the main activity sequence early
  • Reinforcement activities for students who have difficulty grasping a particular concept or skill

If you want to try a new technique or tool for a familiar form of activity, choose either What technology can I use for...? or What can I do with...? for ideas, tips and examples.

For each activity:

  • Give it a brief title or label (e.g. 5-10 words)
  • What is the nature of the activity: i.e.
    • What will students do, and what techniques will you use (e.g. note-taking, question-and-answer, brainstorming, mind-mapping, role play or one of the techniques listed on the Teaching Approaches & Techniques page)?
  • Which learning outcome does the activity support? You might want to look back to the Learning Outcomes page. Subject to functionality: may have drop-down list.
  • How long should the activity take?
  • Will students work individually, in pairs or in groups during the activity? If working collaboratively:
    • How big are the groups?
    • How do you want to divide up the students? (i.e. Can they choose, or do you want to decide yourself?)
  • How would you describe the teacher’s role (or roles) in this activity?
    • Examples: coach, leader, facilitator, instructor, mentor, moderator, presenter, supervisor
  • How will students get support and/or feedback?
    • While they work or after they have finished?
    • From the teacher, computer or each other?
  • What tools and resources will students need? e.g. books, handouts, Websites, IT, other equipment. Either include a short list on this page or remind yourself to look at the Resources page. Subject to functionality: may have drop-down list.

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