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Assessment Activities

Here you design the assessment activity (or activities) that are to determine whether students have met the intended learning outcomes for this session.

If you want to try a new technique or tool for a familiar form of activity, choose either What technology can I use for...?? or What can I do with...?? for ideas, tips and examples. In particular, you might like to look at the pages on e-assessment tools? and e-portfolios?.

For each assessment activity:

  • Give it a brief title or label (e.g. 5-10 words)
  • What is the nature of the activity: i.e.
    • What will students do, and what techniques will you use (e.g. essay, report, voting, multiple-choice questions, presentation, performance, portfolio)?
    • How will you accommodate differentiation?
    • Will you offer students a choice in what they do?
  • Which learning outcome(s) does the activity assess? You might want to look back to the Learning Outcomes page. Subject to functionality: may have drop-down list.

If you used Bloom’s taxonomy to formulate the learning outcomes, you might be interested in this  categorisation of assessment questions produced by the University of Victoria, Canada.

  • How long should the activity take? If it is to take place during the learning session itself, what are the scheduled start and end times?
  • Will students perform the activity individually, in pairs or in groups? If working collaboratively:
    • How big are the groups?
    • How do you want to divide up the students? (i.e. Can they choose, or do you want to decide yourself?)
    • Will students be assessed individually or collectively?
  • What tools and resources will students need? e.g. books, handouts, Websites, IT, other equipment. Either include a short list on this page or remind yourself to look at the Resources page.
  • When is the deadline for submission?
  • Who is going to mark the students' work?
  • How will you give the students their marks and/or verbal feedback?

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