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Context: Location

"The environment can affect what can be done in a session e.g. availability of breakout rooms, space for group work etc." (FE teacher)

Possible locations include:

Face-to-face: Class/seminar room, laboratory, lecture theatre, field trip, workplace
Online/distance: Student's homes, workplace, learning resources centre
Mobile: Anywhere! (e.g. train, stationary car, airport lounge, in the field)
  • Name and room number: if this is a face-to-face session, where is the class to meet?
  • Notes: e.g.
    • Is the room suitable for students with accessibility needs (e.g. can wheelchair users get into it? Are lighting levels adequate for students with vision problems?)
    • Does the room need to be booked?
    • Do you need any particular technology in that location? (See Resources in the Curriculum section.)
    • Do you need to carry out a risk assessment for that location?

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