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Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Resources

What resources do you need for this learning session? Can you re-use any existing materials (yours or other people's)?

  • Resource: You can list each resource here and/or in your design for the individual activities. However, listing all the resources here will give you an overview of everything you and your students need.
  • Notes: e.g. do handouts need photocopying? Do you need to make sure that students have the required technologies? See also the examples in the lists below.

Types of resource:

  • Printed materials, e.g.
    • Books, journal articles, case studies, reports
    • Dictionaries and/or other reference works
    • Worksheets or other handouts
    Do any of these need to be photocopied? How many copies do you need? Who will photocopy them? When do you need to ask them? (Also, remember the copyright restrictions on photocopying published materials.)
  • Audio-visual media, e.g.
    • PowerPoint, interactive whiteboard "flipchart" or other software-based presentation
    • Photos, images, diagrams, sound clips, video clips
  • Web-based resources, e.g.
    • Links to books in a digital library
    • Learning objects from a learning object repository
    • Items from an assessment bank
  • Digital technologies (ICT), e.g.
    • Desktop or laptop computers (+ printer and/or data projector?).
    • Interactive whiteboard
    • Mobile technologies: Laptops, PDAs, mobile phones
      • If using laptops/PDAs owned by the college/university, do you need to book them?
    • "Desktop" applications (i.e. programs that run on the computers themselves): e.g. modelling tools, simulations, image processing software
      • Do they need to be installed on the computers especially for this learning session?
    • Websites and other Web-based applications
      • Do the computers have the required plug-in tools: e.g. QuickTime, Macromedia Flash® or the required version of Java?
    • Digital cameras, audio and/or video recording equipment

Remember that the location where the session is being held may partly determine the technologies that you can use.

  • Other equipment, e.g.
    • Laboratory apparatus, art and/or craft tools, sports/exercise equipment, gardening tools

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