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Using Technology to Enhance Learning Activities

"Using technology in teaching and learning is a lot more fun. You can do a lot more with it." (Lecturer in FE college)

This part of Phoebe gives you ideas about how to enhance the students’ experience (and yours!) of a particular activity by introducing technology into it. You can find the information you want in two ways:

  • Choose What technology can I use for...? if you have decided on a particular activity for your students and want to know what sort(s) of technology could support it.
  • Choose What can I do with...? if you have heard about a particular technology or tool and want to know whether, and how, it might be useful to you and your students.
"We don’t just say 'how can we use technology?' The whole thing about going on the computer adds an extra demand on the learner so you have to ask yourself 'why is it we're asking them to do this?'" (Lecturer in FE college)

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