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Phoebe Reference Materials

About learning activities and sequences

The e-learning advantage: how can technology enhance different learning activities?

What technology can I use for a particular activity?
What can I do with a particular tool?

Teaching approaches and techniques: different ways to structure a learning session and interact with your students

Phoebe's account: a gateway to a number of e-learning resources, including:

 User's guide to Phoebe (draft).

Acknowledgements and bibliography of printed publications cited in Phoebe.

 Phoebe project wiki

Creating a Learning Design

Contextual Information: The what, who, when and where of this learning session.
>> Title and author | Course | Timetabling | Staff | Location | Health and safety

Curriculum Aspects: What is the purpose of this learning session?

Aims and objectives | Learning outcomes | Prerequisites | Teaching resources | Curriculum documentation

Assessment: How are you going to determine whether students have achieved the intended learning outcomes?

Assessment overview | Assessment activities

The Students: How many? What are their particular characteristics?

Numbers | Typical misconceptions | Learning styles | Differentiation | Accessibility | Skill sets | Transferable experience

The Learning Activity Sequence: What are the students going to do?

Preparation by students | Activities during the learning session | Extension & reinforcement activities | Follow-up activities

Dealing with Contingencies: What will you do if things don’t go as expected?

Contingency plan | Alternative activities

Reflections on the Learning Session: What went well? How did the students react? What do you want to change?

Personal impressions | Outcome for students | Quality of learning design

List of pages in the guidance materials (for project team use only)