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Welcome to Phoebe

Note: This page appears if users click the "Phoebe Pedagogic planner" box in the top left corner of the reference materials. Clicking that box should return users to the new Phoebe opening screen.

A practitioner-focused environment to support design for learning

Phoebe is a prototype online tool designed to encourage teachers in colleges and universities to explore new approaches and tools in their pedagogy.

Why “design for learning?”
“Design for learning” is an alternative perspective on practices traditionally referred to as course and lesson planning. It lays emphasis not only on the role of technology in learning, but also on effectiveness: creating designs for experiences that are motivating, enjoyable and productive for students and teaching staff alike. (More)

Phoebe brings together the key components of a learning design, prompts your thinking, allows you to record ideas and requirements, and makes it easy to cross-reference components as you design the activities that make up an individual learning experience, or session.


...but please note:

  • Phoebe works best at a resolution of 1024x768 in Firefox, and may not fully support Internet Explorer 6, Safari or other browsers.
  • Since Phoebe is under development, you may encounter missing content, inconsistencies and temporarily broken links.